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Fast-curing sealant speeds up manufacturing


Silicone rubber is cured quickly

by UV light

M omentive Performance Materials has launched a new platform of elastomer products that can be cured by simple exposure to UV light.

This UV-sensitive, platinum-catalysed sys-tem also enables curing to be accomplished at room temperature. Part geometries commonly produced by extrusion processing can be cured within significantly reduced times compared with conventional silicone elastomers.

UV-cure technology can help save energy and increase extrusion speeds while maintaining the physical properties of silicone elastomers. The UV exposure time for the curing process can be as short as 0.5 seconds, depending on the speed of the line and UV intensity. As the cure is initiated through UV radiation, the speed of cure is independent of the diameter and the cross-section of the extruded tube or profile. This enables high-speed extrusion to be carried out without the risk of under-curing. Since curing occurs at room temperature, this new technology also has the potential for co-extrusion of silicones with temperature sensitive materials, such as polyolefins and thermoplastic elastomers.

‘UV curing systems have been used in several industries for a number of years,’ commented Holger Albrecht, Global Marketing Manager, Momentive.

‘Now, for silicone extrusion we have devel-oped a unique product and patented proc-

ess technology. T ogether with our industry partners, we have introduced a new approach that does not require long heating tunnels. A small UV unit is sufficient for a high output

in a small space. Based on this technology, the development of complex profiles and co-extru-sion parts is now possible.’

Federico Lo Cicero, President, POSA Spa, added: ‘We at POSA have a history of innova-tion in silicone extrusion technology. These new Momentive materials will help us optimise our processing capabilities, and enable us to offer our customers a new range of compounds and re-engineered solutions.’

Benchmark-supported test runs have shown that the new materials typically cure at a much higher speed for the equivalent mechanical prop-erties, resistance to heat and other characteristics normally achieved with the traditional thermal systems. In addition, the UV system offers the processing advantages of extrusion without heat, as well as minimal shrinkage in the final part. The shapes of the extruded parts have shown an excel-lent dimensional stability in applications such as thick round tubes and complicated profiles. These new materials are introduced with a hardness of 50, 60 and 70 Shore A, and are available as ready-to-use transparent custom compounds.


Momentive Performance Materials GmbH, D-51368 Leverkusen, Germany. Tel: +49 214 30 4 05 32, Email: [email protected]://www.njfezz.live.

Momentive Performance Materials Inc, 187 Danbury Road, Wilton, CT 06897, USA. Tel: +1 607 786 8131, Fax: +1 607 786 8131, Web: http://www.njfezz.live.

Fast-curing sealant speeds up manufacturing D ow Corning has launched a series

of two-part room temperature vulcanisation (RTV) silicone sealants. Combining an adhesive base and catalyst they are designed to provide a long lasting, versatile seal.

The sealants cure consistently at room tem-perature regardless of humidity levels, allowing for a more predictable production flow. Parts are ready to handle after 10–20 minutes and are fully cured after seven hours. This reduces the floor space required to store materials and improves production efficiency.

The sealants can be applied robotically, to achieve consistent distribution, reduce waste and improve product consistency. They adhere well to glass, screen-printed glass, stainless steel and other metals, and many plastics that are used in a wide variety of home appliances. They also can be specified in a black finish to create a more professional looking product.

‘Dow Corning’s two-part RTV sealants are an excellent choice in the manufacturing of home appliances – particularly stove tops and oven door windows. They are designed to

help improve our customers’ bottom lines by streamlining the manufacturing process through new efficiencies that result in production cost-savings,’ commented Joyce Meng, global appli-ances major market leader at Dow Corning. The two-part RTV sealants are available in four formulations: Q3-3526; Q3-3636 base and cata-lyst adhesive/sealants; EA-2626; and AA-3526.


Dow Corning Corp, PO Box 994, Midland, MI 48686-0994, USA. Tel: +1 989 496 7881, Fax: +1 989 496 6731, http://www.njfezz.live/content/appliance/


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Fast-curing sealant speeds up manufacturing


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